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Generic Cialis (Tadalafil)


Generic Cialis

Cialis (Generic Cialis) is a drug intended for the treatment of disorders dysfunction sexual sphere in men. The preparation increases the blood flow to the tissues of the arteries of the male sexual organ, which becomes the cause of sustainable erection. The effect of the drug is very long.

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Latin name and brand name: Cialis
The composition of Generic Cialis and output form: Generic Cialis available in tablets, which are placed in the package of 8, 4, 2, or for one thing. Each tablet covered sheath.
In one tablet contains generic Tadalafil in amount of 20 milligram.
Substance of the preparation, which has a strong impact: Tadalafil

Cialis, effects and properties:
Generic Cialis is a selective reversible inhibitor of PDE-5, which is characterized by high effect of the tissue of the penis. Tadalafil, the basis of generic drug significantly increases the erection, ensuring the implementation of successful sexual contact. Generic acts over the past 36 hours, with the effect after its taking (inside) are observed already after 16 minutes, if a man feels sexual desire.

In healthy individuals Tadalafil changes of diastolic and systolic pressure does not cause. Also do not mentioned clinical modifications to frequency of contractions of the heart muscle, changes in color perception (green/blue colour), so as similarity of Tadalafil to PDE б very little. Clinical trials did not reveal the impact of generic drug for the taking of the size of the pupil, intraocular pressure, electroretinogram and on the severity of view.

Side-effects Generic Cialis in the taking of it in the quantity of 10 mg per day on the concentration and quantity of sperm, as well as on the morphology and mobility of men’s sperm are not revealed.

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Pharmacological the kinetics of the drug:
Tadalafil, included in the composition of Cialis and Generic Cialis, absorbed rapidly. The maximum average concentration of the drug in the blood is note after the taking of the generic brand through 100-120 minutes on average.

Degree of absorption and the speed of absorption of Tadalafil do not depend on the fact, when the people took of the food, and therefore, the drug use Cialis (dosage should be adjusted by a doctor) as you can before the meal, and after it.

In healthy men in the sperm have a presence about 0, 0005%, and the dose of the preparation of a series Forte.

The average clearance at healthy men at taking of a preparation equals to 2,5 liters at o’clock, and semi-removal time – 17,5 hours. Tadalafil removes mainly in the form of metabolites (inactive) in the urine (36%) and faeces (61%). More small clearance was observed in men older than 65 years, which is unessential that is Generic Cialis the side effects is not shown.

In persons who have a history of moderate and mild degree of renal insufficiency, Generic Cialis properties and its characteristics does not change, therefore, dose adjustment is not required.

Generic Cialis taking instructions

  • – indications to the use of the drug

Generic consumes in disorders of the erection.

  • – Generic Cialis, instructions to the drug – the dosage and the methods of taking.

Generic applied to the inside.

  1. Generic Cialis, taking of persons of middle age with disorders of the erection: the Dose recommended for consumption – 20 milligram.
  2. You can take regardless of the time of taking of food for 16 minutes prior to the desired sexual intercourse.
  3. Sexual intimacy in the taking of the generic drug is available in the past 36 hours.
  4. The use of Generic Cialis characteristics of the product allow once per 24 hours.

Cialis, indications for the use of men seniors:
Pick up specially dosage for use of older men is not required (contraindications to the taking and side effects have no).

The usage of the product, the instruction for people with disorders of the liver and kidneys:
Side-effects Generic Cialis of the drug and contraindications for persons with disabilities the functionality of the liver and kidneys are not found.

Use of the preparation of children:

  • Generic (which represents brand Cialis) instructions prohibits the use of persons under 18 years of age.

Overdose of the drug: In the appointment of healthy men 500 mg drug once and persons with disorders of the erection up to 100 mg of Tadalafil in the day side effects were similar to the undesirable effects of the drug, used in smaller doses.

Brand Cialis instructions (generic) recommends the implementation of symptomatic standard therapy for treatment of overdose, in order to avoid possible adverse effects.

Generic Cialis, contra-indications to taking:

  • – Contraindication is the increased sensitivity of the person to Tadalafil, as well as to other components of the generic brand.
  • – Also contraindicated for use generic in those cases, when implemented, will receive the funds, having in its composition of organic nitrates.
  • – It is contraindicated Cialis drug use in children under 18 years of age.

Cialis side effects:

  1. – Effect of generic can cause dyspepsia (7% of cases) and headache (11%).
  2. – The action of the drug may be the cause of tides to a person of blood, nasal congestion, myalgia, back pain.
  3. – Extremely rare with taking Generic Cialis marked by dizziness, hyperemia of conjunctiva, painful sensations in the eyes, swelling of the eyelids.

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